Since 2004 Olympic games the greek showed the world what they are able to realise and how friendly this community is. Not only the Olympics also the EMMA Eurofinals had been a real great event with Guests from more then 42 Nations. Since the 2003 Finals it is getting harder for the Organisers of the biggest annual Competition to keep this level. But the greek Team around Costas Christopoulos and his daughter Roula topped even the "Titanic Party" from Budapest.

After the arrival in Athens the organising Team met with Costas to start the final preparation of the competition Area. On together more then 6000 Square Meters the 170 Participants were placed to wait for the judging procedure. The old Airport Area of Athens gave a great surrounding for the Finals. In two different places the ESPL and SQ cars were divided to be judged starting with the Pro and Expert Categories on Friday. It came out soon that the level of the Installation raised again and with the 2005 Edition of the SQ CD also the Sound was almost perfect in whole Categories.

The first time ever EMMA decided to send a couple of extra Judges. to check all Scores of the Team. In that way it was guaranteed that the level inside the Categories was similar. Also a premiere was a Car from Asia taking part on a EMMA Event and it performed very good. The Thailand participants showed up a Volkswagen Golf in a perfect way to attract the visitors and they could never see any dirt on it.

The Saturday was focused around the ESPL Show which was steadily watched from hundrets of exited Greek visitos and always when Greek Cars came to the measurement the audience tried to get louder then the Audio System. In the SQ section the development of the Rookies was impressing and especially the Amateurs showed off great Installations.

According ho the plan all Guests went for a Dinner in a beautiful Restaurant on the beach of Athens to perform the "Coconut Beach Party". EMMA organised 450 Liters of a special german Beer which was served to the Party People. Later on the event was ending at the Pool of the Hotel where more then 150 People had a great time until the ealy morning. It was the tipical EMMA spirit to feel when everybody, regardless of Country, Category or anything else were sitting together and enjoyed the Night..

The fitht EMMA Eurofinals went on Sunday with the Final Round of the ESPL where the best two Cars from Saturday had to compete against each other. The whole judging process was over around three and so the scheduled price giving started a few minutes after four.The Ceremony became very emotional when the Winners took their Trophies and again the Greek Teams made a unbeliveable noise and forced the other Teams from Netherlands (Hot and Sticky), Slovenia and Germany to raise the applause to extreme levels. The most sucessful Team came from Germany (8 Titles) Italy (5 Titles) and of course from Greece (four Titles). The northern and eastern Nations were not so strong like last Year because of the long distance to Athens.

The Sponsors Pioneer, Peerless and DLS were thanked for making this event possible and after finishing the Ceremony everybody realised what great Job was done by EMMA Greece.

So the next Year the Eurofinals will become more central when the Swiss friends will arrange the Show in the end of September in their Capital Bern.

Alex Klett

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