So you need some help for using the EMMA Value Database. OK, let's explain some elements and how to use.

The Main Menue

The main menue on the top offers the functions of the EMMA Value Database. Use them to navigate through the database.

To browse through the database or to search an article just use the list 'brands'. After you have choosen a brand you get all articles stored in the database.

The most important Functions

add this article to my car'add this article to my car', install an article to your car
delete'delete', unistall an article from your car
more'more' detailed information to article

Search Article

After choosing a brand you can select the article. EMMA collects some data of each article, so there are some main fields you will see:

brandthe brand of the article, like Alpine, Pioneer, Clarion
modelthe typical model (PXA701, ODR-P2, HX-D2)
categoryspeaker, amplifier, head unit, cd/dvd changers, DSP
descriptionfor some articles we have a short description available
EMMA valueThis is price/value is valid for calculation of the total system price in EMMA events. Prices have an additional 'year' tag to identifier, in which year this EMMA price was definied.
Availability of the article on the market.
Suggestet Retail Price. EMMA stores the SRP according to official papers of the manufactor or importer. The database can hold multiply SRP's as they can change during the lifecircle of the article. The SRP's are not relevant for the total system price. They are just for information. Sometimes EMMA can offer a link or a source to the SRP.

My Car

When you have 'installed' an article into your car, you will see them in this 'My Car' screen. The current total system value of your car will be displayed. Here you have the possibility to remove (delete, uninstall) articles from your car. and to add personal information of your car and yourself. This information will be displayed on the system paper, which should be printed out of that screen and embedded to your presentation.

Technically spoken all information are stored as a cookie on your own computer. If you revisit emmanet within one saison it will be available again. If you stopp competing or delete cookies in your browser, the cookie will be gone.

To print out the system paper just use your print function. The system paper will contain all your entered data and all articles. The layout will differ from the screen. Additionally you find a QR-Code on the system paper.

The QR-Code

As EMMA values can change during the saison how can you ensure, that your system paper is still up to date? For that reason, you can scan the QR-Code with your smartphone. The smartphone reads the QR-Code and can send this information to emmanet. On that page you can see, if your system price is still up to date, or if you better print out a new one. Do this check latest before your registration for Eurofinals.

Judges may do the same with your QR-Code!

Add Article

If you miss an article in the EMMA Value Database, please follow the instructions on that page how to add an new article to the database!

Setting & Statistic

Statistics is more or less an internal page where you can find some information of the data itself. Might be interesting for EMMA staff only.